Here’s the Deal…

We have puppies!  Lots of puppies!

For the first time in a long time, we have more puppies than deposits. This means that NOW is a great time to get on the waiting list because your wait could be less than 8 weeks!

I have updated the list and these are the deposits that we have received and have checks or Paypal deposits in hand. 

I know of 2-3 more that have been mailed and are “on the way”, so if your name is not here, and you’ve sent a deposit, keep checking in till you hear from me!  I don’t want to miss anyone. 

Likewise, if you sent a deposit and I confirmed, and you still don’t see your name, get in touch with me ASAP!!  Sometimes the mail gets brought in and dumped and forgotten in a corner (I just have to be real with you all!)

I need to hear from ALL of you on this list. What color do you want?  What gender?  What timeframe? Let’s talk about some details!!   I want to write some info beside your names so we can get an idea of which puppies are likely going to be matched!

I’ll post colors, genders, and available dates in the next blog post!

One response to “Here’s the Deal…

  1. Hi Kristy! Nancy R – #9 on the list. Preferences: Female Blenheim Golden Sable Sable/white B/W – if at least one eye not Masked in black ( my husband really Wants to see those Button eyes🐶) No restrictions on pick up time☺️ Thanks! Nancy Raymond

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