This is What We Have

All of our Cavachon litters have been born and there are 18 puppies to choose from. Two have already been matched to their families which leaves the following 16 puppies still available for adoption. 

This is how I keep track once puppy selection has taken place. The sticker is removed and then placed in my planner with the basic info for the family. 


It is at this time when deposit checks are cashed and money is no longer refundable. 

I need to double check the spelling of Daniela’s last name, (that’s why it isn’t finished yet). 

This is a quick updated version of the waiting list. 


(We lost the Blenheim F from the newest Roxy litter, and the Sadie & Daisy pups are Bichons)

The “circled” names are those that are ready now. Shannon and Janice should also be circled. It’s a lot of little details to keep up with and sometimes photos are snapped before all the info is completely in place. 

With 16 available puppies and 23 (plus) on the waiting list, not everyone will get a pup this time around. 

I plan to post photos today of Abbey’s litter of 6 and get some final answers from anyone that is interested in her litter. 

I can’t wait any longer due to families wanting puppies for Christmas and/or wanting to book flights to pick up their puppy in person BEFORE Christmas. Flight prices are going to get crazy for those traveling in cabin the longer we wait. 

Stay tuned for major cuteness overload!!

And as always, let me know if you have any questions. 

8 responses to “This is What We Have

  1. Good morning! Do you have Cavachon puppies for sale? Or is the litter spoken for? Thank you
    We are willing to drive down and see puppies very soon, if available. Looking for a female. My dad just lost his dog and wants a new puppy.

  2. I would like to get on your mailing list and put on wait list. I am interested in a male. I live in Massachusetts anf recently put down my dog. I have alot of love and guidance waiting to give to a new puppy.I have had dogs for the last 36 years. My husband passed away 3 years ago and my family is my dog.

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