We Need A Name For This Puppy!

Chelsea’s pup is still looking for her forever home, and this little angel still needs a name! Want to help me name her?


14 responses to “We Need A Name For This Puppy!

  1. What a cutie! How about Frieda, as in John Frieda, as in this picture she looks like she could use a little frizz control!

    By the way, Andy, without doubt the greatest Cavachon ever to come from Silver Paw, has now mastered some of the nicer elements of the English language. He has nailed please, thank you, please (with whining), and I love you. So cute and such a smart little (26-lb!) guy. And he has the cutest little wave, which he only manages to do with tasty treats at hand. I will tell you though, there is not a drop of retriever blood in him. He can sniff a single molecule of scent so I’m sure he’s related to blood hounds, but retrieving is just not part of his make up!

    Hope your holidays are wonderful. Your postings always put a smile on my face. I think how ecstatic the new puppy owners will be with their new family members!

    Cheers to you and yours! Libby Good and Andy

  2. Hey Kristy,

    Just started looking for a playmate for Annie. How’s her temperament? Seh’d be 24×7 loved.


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  3. Hey Kritsty,

    I hope her name will be Evelyn. My mother’s name. Hope to talk to you soon about bringing her to be Annie’s playmate.

    I’m finally completely retired and will eventually be moving to the San Juans to live with my sister on Lummi Island. Both she and Annie will have a whole half acre to play in. Along with several cats, two other dogs, etc. She’ll be here in Seattle first.

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    • After reading Scott A’s name suggestion, I agree with him. Evelyn is a great name for this soooo cute puppy. Evelyn is our grandmother’s name! So little Evelyn would be honoring two (or more perhaps) beautiful women. I vote for Evelyn ❤

    • I dont know you, Scott, but i am Kristy’s cousin, and i am so glad Evelyn is coming to your home. You sounded so excited and wanted her to join you and Annie and become part of your family. Her name is a special name, for sure, in honor of your mom. Also, FYI, Kristy’s grandmother’s name also is Evelyn. So i say…she was meant to be with you!! May you have many years of joy with your little Evelyn!

  4. Thanks, she just got here yesterday, and what a little firecracker! Her big sister Annie, who also hails from Silver Paw, is keeping a careful paw on her and they are best friends already! Both are already plotting how to sneak into the kitchen where they both know they are not supposed to be.

    Of course, little sisters think that anything belonging to big sister is theirs, but Annie is taking it in stride. Annie sharing both toys and bully sticks(!), as well as much advice and keeping her out of trouble.

    Just like my mom …makes me tear up whenever I look at her.

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