Morning Motion

This morning began early at 5 am. I have Brady and Hallie in the house because Hallie is receiving eye meds 3x daily and Brady is being Accelerated. They were crated together last night and woke me up early.


Hallie & Brady

Once I got Brady and Hallie pottied on the UGO, I made their space a little bigger so they could play.


Isn’t Brady so cute?

Then it was bath time for Bobby and an older Shichon puppy. They are both getting neutered this morning. I gave Bobby a bath while Daryl trimmed the hair off the Shichon.


Bobby after the blow dry. Not a happy camper.


Prisoner to the dryer:(

Then I gave the Shichon a bath. He is 8 months old and has a cherry eye that will also be fixed today. Sorry the picture is blurry. He did NOT like the bath AT ALL and was trying to escape the whole time.


A cherry eye is when a flap of skin, the inner eyelid, moves out of position. They will tuck this back under with a couple of stitches and he’ll be good as new!

The puppies always look like wet rats when they get a bath.


We need a name for this Shichon boy. He’s from Sadie & Sebastian’s previous litter.

My morning has just begun. The blow drier is on the Shichon right now and he is tolerating it quite well. We still have to drive to the vet then come home to do eye meds, feed, clean, and take new puppy pictures.

We are also rehoming 7 adults this week that all need to be wormed! Things are always moving’ at SPK!!

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