Time to Match the Olivia Litter!

Hi Everyone!

It’s finally time to match the Olivia puppies. There are 8 puppies in this litter, 6 girls and 2 boys (both boys are golden colored). These photos were taken this week. These are F1 puppies, meaning both parents are purebred dogs, one a Bichon Frise, the other a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They are currently five weeks old. We will do puppy selection Sunday afternoon, March 13th. I will begin making calls at 4pm.

We are expecting these puppies to be 14-18lbs as adults. They are happy and playful and starting to explore their world.

Please reach out only if you can bring a puppy home between March 28 & April 4. We really need them to go home when they are 8 weeks old if possible.

We expect you to come and pick up your puppy. We may be available for puppy nanny service. Those details will be worked out with each family separately.

We will work first with those on the waiting list. All waiting list numbers have been updated and can be found in the right sidebar column of the website. If you are not on the waiting list but would still like to be considered you can also fill out the form. Those names will be called if we still have puppies and in the order we receive them.

Here is the link to the form for Olivia’s litter. Please select every single puppy you would be willing to bring home. If you want to talk about any puppy from the litter, simply select every checkbox for the puppies in the form. I am also uploading roll call videos of the puppies on our Facebook page, Silver Paw Cavachons.


We also have two accelerated blenheim male puppies from the Penny litter. They are currently 11 weeks old and will be large, 20-25lbs as adults. Please send an email if you’d like more info about them.

And finally, Mimi is in the nursery waiting to deliver F1 puppies. We should get a variety of colors.

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