Scarlett and Roxy Videos

Hey everyone,

There are new videos of both Scarlett and Roxy’s pups on our FB page. We also have an updated list of who is in line for each puppy.

If you have interest in any of the puppies let me know! The lists below are set for the selection order but you’re welcome to get your name added to any of the puppies. As of now, there is definitely a blenheim female from the Scarlett litter available and I should know by tonight which one that will be.

Scarlett selection list. Carol will be taking just 1 blenheim female so there is one still available to someone!

Roxy selection list.

Also, here is how the selection process ended for the Paige pups.

I also took head shots of the Roxy pups. Enjoy!!

Solid sable male

Golden male

Blenheim male

Blanket sable/white female

Sable/white female

Looking forward to hearing from all of you on these selection lists. Please give me a ring!

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