“Asher” Goes Home

My daughter goes to school with a boy named Asher. Today I learned the meaning of the name. Knowing that this cute puppy has received a name with so much thought warms my heart. 

Asher means – happy, fortunate, blessed!  It is perfect weather out today so when J and hubby came to get their pup, we were able to just sit in the shade and visit for quite some time. It was quite clear that this puppy was heading to a loving home where she would be happy and blessed!

Meeting my dog buyers brings me great joy!  It makes it easier to part with the babies knowing they are going to fabulous homes!

1. Scarlet’s puppies have all been matched to forever families and they will start going home in 3 weeks. 

2. We have 4 pregnant moms in the nursery. My summer is going to soon explode with cuteness. I can’t wait!

3. We have a 5 1/2 month old male Bichon that needs a forever home. Pictures coming in another blog post!

Vet Check

Today three puppies saw the vet!  They are all going home this week so we’re making sure they’re all set to go!

What’s cuter than a basket of puppies?  

They all checked out perfectly well and they all wagged their tails while they were being checked over!

Kimi’s golden boy went first, then Joy’s blenheim girl. 

Then Tasha’s little sable/white girlie. They were all curious about the new environment around them and they kept peeking over the basket. 

The blenheim girlie leaves tomorrow and the other two are leaving Thursday. 

Tonight they crashed in our kitchen. It was a big day!