Let’s Talk About Maggie’s Pups

I finally took some pictures and videos. You can find the videos on our Facebook page. 

Here is the current waiting list. 

If you are in the top 10, I’d love to hear from you regarding the Maggie litter. 

The pups are just over 4 weeks old and they will be ready to go home in about 4 weeks. They are getting really cute!

The blenheim is a female. The black/white with the smudge on the cheek is also a female. The other black/white (the larger one) is the boy. 

If you’re on the waiting list and in the top ten and have any interest in these pips, please send an email. Also, if you know you want to pass on this litter, let me know that as well. 

I’ll be posting photos of the other litter later this week. They are only 2 weeks old though. 

Enjoy the pups!

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