Fires and Other News

A big thank you to all of you who sent notes of concern regarding the fires in our area. I’m happy to report that we were never in danger, though we could see billows of smoke not far away. The season is not over yet, so we appreciate continued prayers for safety for our dogs and property. 

We had a new litter born this week from Maggie. There are 3 babies, a black/white male and female, and a blenheim female. These puppies will be ready to go home around August 15th. We are not offering accelerated puppies with this litter. If you’d like us to keep the puppy a little bit extra, we will keep it for up to 2 weeks extra (so 10 weeks old) for an additional charge of $250 for those 2 extra weeks. With my new work schedule, I simply can’t commit to 5 extra weeks of training at this time. I’d love to hear from those on the waiting list, simple whether you have any interested in these colors/genders, and if the timeline works with your schedule. You don’t have to make any final choices, but I’d like to know who is interested. 

And finally, we have an Accelerated puppy that needs a home again. We had her matched, but work schedules changed for her family and the timing no longer lines up for them to take her. 

She is available first to those on the waiting list, so please let me know if you’re interested in her. She’s already 10 weeks old and is ready to go anytime. She is the blenheim female from the Jazzy litter. These photos were taken about a week ago. 

She is very friendly and will do well in any family!

Thanks for your continued support of Silver Paw Cavachons. We love seeing your pictures and hearing how your puppies have become beloved family pets. Keep sending your stories!!

2 responses to “Fires and Other News

  1. Hello Kristy! I am full in love with that cutest poppy! She will be happy with me and my family! I can drive and pick her up ASAP! Please let me know! Thank you !

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  2. Kristy! I send you check of $300 deposit yesterday you probably will get on Monday. I will be in Spokane in the end of this week and would like to get that white/gold poppy! We can sending you the rest tomorrow if you’d like. Please let me know! Thank you. Nicole D.

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