The First Days Home

I just received this photo and quick update from “Cooper’s” family and it made me think of something I’d like to mention.

First, here’s Cooper! 

(Abbey’s blenheim male)

Here’s cooper, he’s having a ball running around in the back yard 

Ps we don’t have his leash on him any more, he’s being really good for us, very smart.


When Brian mentioned that Cooper no longer has the leash dragging behind him, it reminded me of something I wanted to share. When your puppy first comes home, it is a good idea to put the collar and leash on him, and let him drag the leash around behind him. This allows you to have access to the puppy, even if he’s up to 6 feet away from you.

If your puppy doesn’t want to come at first, you can still get a hold of him by grabbing the leash. This is especially helpful if your puppy decides to play “catch me if you can”.  It also helps the pup get used to having something around its neck and not being afraid of the gentle pull that results. 

In time, and usually not very much time, your puppy can run around leash free, and when you call him he will come right over to you.

Thank you, Brian, for sharing Cooper and the wonderful picture of him frolicking in the grass.

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