Quick Update Annie Pups

We are moving down to the waiting list rather quickly. Several puppies have been matched to their forever families, and I plan to do an updated video of Abby’s litter next. We are still wanting to match all of the Annie puppies. There are new videos of her puppies on our Facebook page, Silver Paw Cavachons. 

If you are on the waiting list and have any interest in Annie’s later, please email us at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com.  We also want to hear from anyone not on the waiting list who might be interested in these cuties!

Here are some recent photos of the Annie pups!

 Solid Sable Male
Blenheim Male

Blenheim female looking at camera. This pup has a forever family! 
 Solid Sable girls
This litter is 7 weeks old today and will get their first shot. They can go home next Friday, June 17th. 

Email us with questions. Thanks!

3 responses to “Quick Update Annie Pups

  1. The Sable girls are adorable, how much for one. Where are you located, I’m in Michigan. Thank you Kathi

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  2. Hello! Can you let me know if these sable females are still available? Where are they located? And how much they are? Thanks!

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