Abbey’s Babies

First, I have to say that in the last post, I had said they were Abbey’s puppies. That was wrong. They were actually Chantel’s pups (I’ve corrected my mistake)

These are Abbey’s puppies!




This litter has been perfect so far. All 5 puppies are nursing and gaining weight without any outside help. They are warm and fat and quiet because their bellies are full and they are content. Abbey is calm and devoted and doing a fabulous job on her first litter.

The puppies are all Sable/White and one is Solid Sable. He is a male. There are 2 other males and 2 females.

This litter looks like smooth sailing and the puppies will be old enough to go home after June 9th.

For those booking flights to pick up your puppy in person, now is the time to plan and book a flight!

Feel free to email me with questions. Those on the waiting list will have first choice at these puppies when they are 5 weeks old.

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