November Was BUSY!!!

Whew!  We’ve made it through this month, Thanksgiving, and now we are on the stretch to Christmas and beyond!  I believe this November will go down as the busiest month EVER for puppy inquiries!  At this moment, I have received 54 emails inquiring about puppies!  I have responded to ALL of them through the month, and heard back from just a handful of people (this is pretty normal).  From the handful, just 5 have sent in their deposits and have found a place on the waiting list!  I am excited for these families, and I expect there will be a couple more in the next couple of days!

The waiting list and available puppies sections on the right side bar of this website are current and up to date!  We have just 5 puppies left from the Penelope and Lilly litters, and I have pictures in my phone that I can mail to people!  I also would prefer phone communication at this time.  Typing responses to this many inquiries has proved to be VERY time-consuming, and there is a lag time with email, and people responding back, etc.  So talking on the phone is the best way to really know which puppies are available and when they can go home!

Penelope’s litter is ready now, and several will be flying home this coming week.  Lilly’s litter will be 7 weeks old the week of Christmas, so they will be ready to go home sometime after the New Year.

Shipping at this time of year can be challenging due to very cold weather, and blackout dates that the airlines will not take puppies.  Please get in touch with us soon if your puppy is needing to fly so we can get a flight booked soon!

I look forward to working with each of you that decide to get one of our puppies!  Happy Holidays to everyone!!

One response to “November Was BUSY!!!

  1. One more thing, directly from the heart.

    Your work is challenging, but I also know Someone is there with His hand on your shoulder.

    Only He really knows the love and light that you send to so many.

    May He continue to love and guide you in the years to come.

    I know He will.

    In the name of our Father and Lord, amen.


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