I hate to admit that I have 8 month old “puppies” that still need a forever home. I have not said a word about them since they were 4 months old because “Buddy” had a Cherry Eye, and needed surgery to fix it, and I just didn’t have time to deal with it, so I just let them be dogs, and they spent the winter in our straw play yard.

Don’t worry, they stayed plenty warm and played like crazy every single day!

I finally took Buddy to the vet this week and had him neutered and had his eye fixed. He looks quite the sight with his “Cone of Shame”. He kept rubbing his eye so we had to protect him from himself and put on the cone.


He WILL be darling and cute like his brother as soon as his hair grows out around his eye. His tail still works and he has no idea he has any “special needs”, and plays so hard, we have to separate him so his stitches can all safely heal.


Brother just went to the groomer today and will visit the vet next week to get his little jewels chopped off as well.

Despite the fact that they haven’t had a lot of different experiences in life, both pups are very happy, tail wagging, and easy going. They need some basic training and individual attention, and they need to be potty trained, but I don’t think it will take much to turn them into great little dogs.

Because they are so old, we are placing them in their new homes for just $300 each which covers their vet expenses and vaccinations, including their Rabies shot.

We are actively crate training them and they are ready for their new homes now. Buddy would need to stay local as he has some follow up care scheduled with our vet.

If you or someone you know might be interested in a wonderful Shichon (ShihTzu/Bichon Frise mix) teenager, fully vaccinated, and already altered, please let me know. For some, getting an older puppy makes life a lot easier because they can “hold it” a lot longer than a brand new 8 week old puppy!

One response to “Brothers

  1. Oh…I wish I could take Buddy, what a sweet looking boy. My husband says no way. Dempsey is really all we can handle – although I know he’d like a firend at times….he really likes to be the center of attention. If I didn’t work part-time I could probley handle two dogs….but I guess for now Dempsey is an only dog.

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