Lychee – Sable/White Cavachon

Hahaha.. I was hoping that you knew her dad’s name. Her mommy’s name is Pansy.

Lychee is soo cute now. She still comes with us to the office every single day. In the office she just stays in her bed waiting for the day to be over. When it’s around 6:30 she sees that everyone already left, so she starts asking us to go home too.

She’ll walk to the door, look at us and wine a little bit, as if she’s saying let’s go!! Once we put the leash on her, she’ll go straight to the door, sit and wait. 🙂 When we get home, the first thing is to do her business and then she’ll wait for dinner. We bought her a puzzle feeder, so she has to lift up the lid to get to her food. She does it in few seconds!!

She’s extremely friendly with other animals and people. Everyone loves her!!

Thank you Kristy! 🙂


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