New URL (web address) for this Website/Blog

Friends, first I want you all to know that I appreciate the fact that you have subscribed to this blog and enjoy the updates! It warms my heart to see, each time I post, the number of people that are receiving my post in their email.

I want to let you all know about some upcoming changes.

First, and most importantly, we have a new address for the blog. If we are not already on your favorites list (then you need to add us), when you type in the blog address, you will need to type in:

This is the new address for this blog/website.

We will also be changing the title of the website to Silver Paw Cavachons. Our first love and passion is the Cavachon Puppy, but we do still love all of our other breeds, and will continue to have litters of other breeds until we retire our mamas. We are going to focus primarily on the Cavachon puppies in the coming years and so thought it was fitting to go ahead and change our name.

We also have a new email address to go along with this change. If you use the Contact Us page, the link is already there, but we’ll go ahead and list it here as well. Our new email address is:

One last thing, we hope to have a true home page on the blog soon, making it feel a little more like an actual website, but we will keep the blog under a new heading called “Silver Paw Tails” where you will find all the fun daily pictures, videos, and candid shots of all of our puppies.

This will all happen in baby steps, so no worries! But we wanted you to know now about the new web address and new email address.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the new Available Puppies litter pages. We’ve enjoyed the challenge of photographing the puppies to showcase them on those pages.

Have a Tail Waggin’ Day!! Kristy

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