Cleaning Up the Waiting List…Again

Last June I tried to reach out to everyone on the waiting list to see about your puppy plans. I heard back from a LOT of people and it was very helpful to know how to plan. Thank you!! It is my goal to reach out and check in every six months or so to be sure the waiting list is active and alive!

Here is the current waiting list. If your name has a “?”, it’s because I tried to reach out to you vía email or text message last June and have never heard back, or I can’t find any way to contact you. I will be removing all names with a “?” at the end of December 2022 if I do not hear from you before the year ends.

This has been a continual challenge and I’m very sorry to do this, but my waiting list looks overwhelming to new people and I need just those people that definitely want a future puppy to fill up spaces on the list.

If you’re not sure when you’ll get a puppy and you want to keep your place, that’s still ok, but we just need to talk so I can add some notes about your timeline in my records.

If your name has a “*”, it means we connected last June and you’re still actively waiting for the right pup or the right time to get a pup.

If your name has both a ? and a *, we need to talk.

We currently have 13 available puppies from the Mimi, Emily, and Missy litters (SS F is already matched). It would be fantastic to match many of them to all of you on the waiting list. I will publish the waiting list a few times a year. You can also always reach out and ask what your number is at any time.

Official Waiting List

  1. Roxanne Harpster*
  2. Kelly Johnson?
  3. Melody Boardman* 
  4. ChrisRon Smith?
  5. Daryl Kathy B?
  6. Debra Paxton?
  7. Chris Dickman?
  8. Sierra Adibi?
  9. Lauren Halberg*
  10. Dennis Dobson*
  11. Priscilla Noble*
  12. Priscilla Noble*
  13. Desiree Ohrbeck*
  14. DavidKatie G?
  15. Jen F?
  16. Marilyn Kautzner*
  17. Judy Donovan?
  18. Brook McIntyre?
  19. Robin Maisel?
  20. Mike Sawiki*
  21. Anna Gillespie*
  22. Terri Runquist*
  23. Cathy Windsheimer*
  24. Cameron Hill*
  25. Tawna  Riley*
  26. Jeong Ihn?*
  27. Nancy Lambert*
  28. Jeralyn Haney?
  29. Helen Greg Torres?
  30. Malia Pareki?
  31. Carolyn Sohmer*
  32. Andrea Hata?
  33. Linda Haberlach*
  34. Todd Williams*
  35. Sandra FGeorge Toulouse*
  36. Karina Dsouza?
  37. Richard Mattish*
  38. Mary Lynn Young?
  39. Kristin Pritcher*
  40. Mary Anne Moreno Lorenz?
  41. Anne Marie Bammert?
  42. Olga Stiekhartcova?
  43. Carmen Godinez* 
  44. Brittany Hill?
  45. Mamie Bass?
  46. Sabrina Hill?
  47. Christina Salazar Romo?
  48. Sophia Khieuson*
  49. Renae Oswald*
  50. Tina Cauley*
  51. Ronni Whetsell*
  52. Jodi McKeeman?
  53. Susanne Hartsock*
  54. Jeanette Ramberg*
  55. Gwen Ahart?
  56. Daffodil Alinson*
  57. Michelle Craig*
  58. Janet Dave Ryden*
  59. Karen Apgar*
  60. Leah Fite*
  61. Anita Armour*
  62. Maura Sullivan*
  63. Jackie Moriarty*
  64. Jeanne Hartman*
  65. Melissa Preston*
  66. Heidi Bondarenko*
  67. Cora Valentine*

If you’ve sent the waiting list fee and you don’t see your name, please let me know. I appreciate all of you and your patience while you wait for a puppy. We are definitely taking a three month break starting in January 2023. Our plan is to put our males and females back together mid December so we will have spring and summer 2023 puppies. 😊🐶💕

Recent CA visit with my mom ❤️!

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